So far I have made no interplanetary contact and I am averse to grave digging, so instead I must make art in my search for clues about the people who carried my DNA here and packaged it up for me. I am looking for secrets about those people and I am trying to figure out why those secrets matter. I wonder if they try to send me messages from space and whether I could decode them if I were to climb to the peak of a mountain and scale the radio towers to the beeping red lights at the top. I would like to find out whether they need me or whether I might be able to right any wrongs against them. I want to know whether I have cousins on other worlds and if I do, I would like to know if they are interested in a pen-pal relationship. I would like to know how to make that happen.

I am looking for clues in the paint, under the soil, in old boxes, and in layers of cloth. I’m glad that the universe is so big and I’m a little bit relieved that I am so small. I want to know why important people from my past leave hints in hard-to-find places and why they are different every time. I want to find my whole family and the families of my family. Even when I think I am not looking and even when I try to avoid it, I am always following their trails.



2015          Russian Literature Celebration. Day Riverside Library. Salt Lake City, UT.
2015          HORRORSHOW: Fear and the Abject. Gallery Gallery. Provo, UT.
2018 Student Show. Gallery 303. Brigham Young University, UT.
2018 Unfinished Works. Wing Gallery. Provo, UT.
2018          Relocation. Littlehouse Basement Gallery. Provo, UT.
2019          Trading Spaces. HFAC. Brigham Young University, UT.


2019          I can’t see it but I know it’s there. HFAC. Brigham Young University, UT.


2015          Betty & Paul Boshard Grant. Brigham Young University, UT.
2018          Betty & Paul Boshard Grant. Brigham Young University, UT.


2017          Assistant to David Thorpe, Meyer Riegger, Berlin